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          Hot Melt Extrusion Welding Method for Steel Strip Pipe
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          • 1. The structure of hot melt extrusion welding:
            The hot melt extrusion welding method of steel strip pipe manufacturer is a special hot air extrusion welding tool. First, the pipe is heated at both ends, and the welding torch is used to extrude the melted polyethylene material. The polyethylene material at both ends of the joint seam is melted into one connection method. The connection structure is shown in Fig. 1. It is a rigid connection method for melting polyethylene into a whole.
            Extrusion welding uses the basic principle of molecular thermal motion to heat PE electrode (from solid to viscous fluid) and extrude it by extrusion torch. At the same time, the hot air gun on the welding torch heated the welding surface of the PE pipe to be welded. Under the action of external force, the PE materials at both ends of the weld joints were bonded to each other, so that they were well dispersed and intertwined, and the tubes were joined together to achieve the welding effect.
            2. Construction points of hot melt extrusion welding:
            1) Before welding, check whether the two ends of the pipe to be welded are cut flat (if the ends are not even, they should be repaired). The welded surface should be controlled in the middle of the pipe trough, and the two welded pipes should be aligned to the same axis (so that the disconnected part of the pipe can be aligned as far as possible); the gap between 1 and 3 mm should be left at the interface for easy welding (but the maximum gap is usually not more than 5 mm). If the requirement is not met, the interface should be partially trimmed with tools. Cutting can be done outside or inside pipes (pipes over 800). Welding area must be clean and dry. Dust and other impurities shall not be present; and the inner and outer surfaces of the welding area shall be polished to remove the oxidized surface.
            2) Welding rods for steel strip pipe welding shall generally be supplied by the pipe manufacturer, which shall be of the same material as the polyethylene material used for pipe production or be compatible with the pipe material, and shall have a circular cross section, uniform thickness of the rod and meet the requirements of welding performance of the selected torch. The electrode must also be clean, dry and stainless.
            3) It must be emphasized to use a good extrusion welding machine with hot air. When welding, hot air filling must preheat polyethylene at the weld end of the welded pipe so that the extruded melted polyethylene can be integrated with the pipe. All welded sections must be full, and there must be no leakage and fracture.
            4) For pipes larger than 800mm in diameter, double-sided welding should be carried out.
            5) Set the temperature of melt and hot air according to the environmental conditions; maintain a certain welding pressure on the melt; have a corresponding slow cooling time.
            In a word, all welding process and operation requirements should be carried out according to the welding process and operation requirements provided by the pipe factory.

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